APISA Administración de Inmuebles

Welcome to APISA Administración de Inmuebles, a company where our professional team with a extended experience on the real-estate industry, is available for you in order to obtain a maximum performance out from your properties.

APISA, has more than  25 years of experience and is set up by professionals specialized in the estate , legal, economic and tax sectors which offer you a  global service for managing your holdings, either housing, stores or offices.

Many Clients have deposited their confidence on us along these years proving and guaranteeing the success in our work. 

APISA is a company which is committed with their clients since the very beginning, holding on the entire administrative services required when arranging the rent.

If you are owner of one or more properties and you need any detailed information for managing your real-estates, do not hesitate to contact us, and you will find out the wide advantages our services have when are contracted as we personally take responsability for thereof management.

- Save time and worries, because we'll take care of all matters relating to the rental of each property,

- And get the most performance from their property, as they will be managed by a team of professionals with extensive industry experience.


About Apisa


Welcome to APISA Administración de Inmuebles where our professional team with an extended experience on the real-state industry is available for you in order to obtain a maximum performance out from your properties. 


Searching information about how to manage a Neighbour Community?

In APISA we manage your properties but in addition to all the services offered we also we have the cooperation of GESTIÓN DE INMUEBLES 2006 SL, which is responsible for the management integrates of Neighbours Communities.

GESTIÓN DE INMUEBLES 2006 SL is dedicated to manage Neighbours Communities, located in Madrid Capital, with extensive experience in the sector and formed by professional.

Our roles as manager, mediator, secretary and accountant are focused to a better quality of life for all owners:

  • Tracking income and expenses.
  • Issuance of receipts.
  • Clearance of accounts annually.
  • Control of payments to suppliers.
  • Preparation of income and expenditure budgets.
  • Creation and maintenance of the Reserve Fund.
  • Control of defaults of homeowners. Unpaid Claim.
  • Collection of fees and pour Banking extras.
  • Preparation and submission of Calls a Meeting.
  • Completion of all communications that the Board deems appropriate.
  • Legal advice on Horizontal Property Act.
  • Attendance at Meetings, Minutes book writing.
  • Legal custody documentation.
  • Control of open claim files with the Insurance Company.
  • Recruitment and budget request for the preservation, improvement, cleaning or any maintenance you want to perform the Community.
  • And in general, any service related to the proper functioning of the Community

Request budget for your Community of charge and without any commitment.

                             Phone. 915 326 287 / Fax. 915 328 582 



¿Are you searching a dwelling or a local business?


If you are looking for a dwelling or establishment for your business to rent, APISA Administración de Inmuebles can offer you an estate catalog to find it by using our specialized searcher.

Ask us without any commitment and our team will answer back as soon as possible. For further information, do not hesitate to contact us or use directly our searcher